At DevSelect we believe the people your firm employs are the life-blood of every goal and dream you want to accomplish. Putting the right people in the right position and creating a successful environment are two of the most important things an organization can do.


DevSelect has a long history of process-driven consulting and staffing. We have provided services to companies from the Fortune 100 to the smallest start-up and have loved every minute of it. Our goal is to get to know our clients, their culture, their process, their technology and their people. In doing this we are able to become a trusted partner.


Since 1999 DevSelect has provided professional services to hundreds of firms across the US and Canada. We know the Science of Human Capital and the Art of Recruiting the best and brightest talent. We can help by doing a triage of some of your internal processes to create a Road-Map or by just rolling up our sleeves getting to work.

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